Juul Blinking Blue Light

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Juul Blinking Blue Light. So i was hitting my juul and nothing was happening. Christian Kane Full Member.

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What does blue light mean on Juul. You could have a faulty battery which is not making a good contact the air valve could be full of liquid making it fail to fire the charger may not be making a good contact meaning the battery is not properly charged the pods you have may not be making a good. When you are vaping it indicates a medium battery power.

Why wont my Juul hit.

Puff Bar Blinking Blue Before Using. If the light is not on and you puff and get nothing most likely battery is depleated you could try another Pod in the unit as well and try it again. I took the pod out and put it back in and the light flashed blue but the light wouldnt turn on when i tried to hit it. I got the flashing blue light today which led me to here.