Ithildin Door Poem

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Ithildin Door Poem. The correct order is Shadow Drums Cadence Land Wrath and then Doom. See the locations for all the Ithildin poem parts in Seregost and the regions Ithildin door poem solution.

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To finish these poems and open each Ithildin door Talion first has to locate each missing word for the poem -- but that parts easy as the locations are clearly marked on the map. Poem solution for the door located in the barrows of seregost. Here is the puzzle solution.

This rewards you with the Bright Lords Cloak set piece.

The first word is iron the second serpents the third avail the fourth woe the fifth hordes and the last claim. For a complete guide on Middle-earth. Its in a cave system right near the fight pits and near one of the words you needed to find. Each of the five Barrows in the game hide pieces of the.