Intellijel Quad Vca

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Intellijel Quad Vca. Intellijel Quad VCA. The two VCAs can be used completely independently or in tandem via the handy signal normalling.

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Intellijel Quad VCA. The Quad VCA is a compact and feature packed module that is sure to find its way it almost all of your patches. Quad Vca Mi Veils Vs Intellijel Quad Vca Page 3 Muff Wiggler Originally i wanted to build an l 1 quad vcamixer but then i spotted the mutable instruments veils and the recently announced intellijel quad vca which both more fit my requirements.

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Product information Intellijel Designs - Quad VCA The Quad VCA is composed of four analog amplifiers. Intellijel Designs Quad VCA. 4-channel VCAs are common and yet every other manufacturer manages to make it their own Behringer doesnt appear interested in trying. Intellijel Quad VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier Cascaded Mixer Module synth module Intellijel.