Am I Sedentary Or Lightly Active

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Am I Sedentary Or Lightly Active. 45 hours lifting 40 minutes of HIIT 1 hour of LISS. Then you log the exercise in addition to that.

Am I Sedentary Or Lightly Active Quiz
Am I Sedentary Or Lightly Active Quiz from

Lightly active I assume is for maybe someone whos up and about walking around throughout the day. Theres 2 approaches. Go to first unread Skip to page.

So unless I was going to change careers and suddenly start delivering messages on my bicycle I was looking at spending the rest of my life on a 1000 calorie diet.

Please take a look at the descriptions and examples below to help you determine your Activity Level. Bank teller desk job The majority of people will be considered sedentary. My TDEE is spot on 140x my RMR. Sounds like youre lightly active at the very least - being on your feet for a large part of the day means you are not sedentary.