6105 Frets

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6105 Frets. Jumbos seem to be like the scalloped feature due to the tall feel. Found often on pre-CBS Fenders and built to fit the old round radius fingerboard.

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Each fret manufacturer uses fret labels that are common ie. 6105 is narrower and feels a little frettier as you move your hand up and down the neck. 6140 106 wide 039 tall.

Taller frets make it easier to get clear notes.

6105 can typically run from 092x048 to 098x055 - thats quite a difference. Also the hardest nickel-silver frets will be 18. Premature wear can be avoided with quality fret wire and with our stainless steel frets completely eliminated. Im pretty certain the frets on my PRS S2 are close to 6150 frets.